About Brewery

Our Glockner’s brewery produces quality natural beer.
We adhere to the classical Czech technology, when the product fermentation proceeds as naturally as possible.

We strive for excellence every day and brew the best beer for you.
We brew natural beer for those who understand.

Glockner’s. Natural fermentation is the choice of true beer connoisseurs.

We brew the best beer
for a better future.

«We love beer and are passionate about its production. We are happy people, as we are busy with our favorite business»


Brewing of light and dark lagers is a time-consuming process, requiring from the brewery to have the appropriate equipment and experienced team. The fact is that the product is made at low temperatures using the so-called bottom fermentation method. It is necessary to use selected ingredients and strictly follow the recipe so that beer turns out tasty and aromatic, has a beautiful color and does not have unpleasant aftertaste.






Ideal lager is prepared on the basis of pure drinking water from a mixture of filtered wort, high-quality hops and fresh yeast.
At Glockner’s production line, the lager ripening and aging takes two months and takes place in special “beds” in a room at the temperature of 0 to 4 degrees Celsius. Then the finished beer is poured into a sterile container and sold.

It is natural exposure that brightens the lager well and makes its taste softer. Thanks to this, consumers get a great product that can be purchased at affordable cost.

Want to see how we work?
We invite you to watch a video about our brewery: